Managed Telephony



Quo Group can provide a highly flexible and feature rich VoIP phone solution through 3CX – a global leader in business communications – that allows you to gain control over your communications costs and your system design. You will have access to fast and effective communication that gives you the ability to communicate across multiple devices, enhancing user experience and productivity. Seamless video conferencing and web meeting capability streamlines collaboration, easily bringing remote workers and telecommuters together.

VoIP managed telephony services are completely digital, and Quo Group can easily integrate it into existing and planned IT systems. As a 3CX Gold Partner, we can tailor a solution that offers you a cost-effective and scalable phone system that is designed solely around your business requirements.

Cloud based Fax Solutions

Cloud fax services deliver faxes over the internet, without on-premises hardware or software to manage. It reduces costs by avoiding telephony related to phone lines and the IT burden of supporting an on-premises fax infrastructure. Cloud fax services leverage all the benefits of cloud computing and its universal compatibility. Quo Group can design and implement a cloud fax solution that is fast, efficient, secure and easy to use.