Caleb George

As Quo Group’s founder and director, Caleb is an accomplished IT executive with over 20 years experience in the industry. Starting out as an IT Support Officer for an international University, Caleb identified a gap in the market for tailored IT infrastructure solutions, because he understood that in business, one size does not fit all. To address this, he founded The Business Doctor in 2005 as a small IT service provider.  Since then, Caleb has built the company to become an industry leader in providing fully managed IT systems and solutions, which is fully accredited and certified with ISO 27001 and IRAP compliant. Caleb’s passion comes from providing clients with solutions that meet their business needs; to work more efficiently and see progress and success. Ensuring positive customer experiences and focusing on strong corporate and social responsibility outcomes are at the core of his motivation. 

Caleb George
Peter Wheen

Peter Wheen

Peter oversees the operational side of Quo Group, managing and coordinating operations to ensure services are delivered timely and effectively. Peter joined Quo Group in 2022 after a number of years as CIO to a government focused SME, and co-founding a background screening company. Peter has a passion for working with people to deliver tailored solutions that meet business objectives. He has developed a keen interest in the cyber security industry, completing his Grad Cert of Cyber Security in 2021. Peter has a broad base of practical experience from 20 years in a range of industries including information technology, management consulting, Defence, background screening, OH&S, health, and outdoor education.


Matt Graham

No company can afford to be reliant on ineffective IT infrastructure, and that’s where Matt steps in.

As our Network Manager, Matt oversees the team responsible for every aspect of network systems and subsystems. He has extensive experience in designing, implementing and managing network infrastructure, and ensuring the efficacy of existing network management systems. His experience brings a deep understanding of the importance of strategic planning to ensure your business has the essential systems needed to align with your company objectives and requirements, all whilst minimising any disruption to your business continuity. 

Before joining our team Matt was the IT Administrator for a corporation spanning multiple sites and locations, so he knows the importance on having a reliable system and the impacts on business if it’s not running effectively.

Matt Graham

Jordan Gibson

Ensuring our office runs smoothly and efficiently is an essential part of a day’s work for Jordan.

Jordan began her career in Real Estate before starting here with us as Administrative Assistant in 2019. Promoted to Business Support Manager in 2020 and now our Office Manager, Jordan has extensive experience in management consultation, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and business collaboration. One of Jordan’s main priorities is the wellbeing of staff and cultivating our company culture, which is evident as soon as you step into our office. Jordan enjoys working in the IT industry because it combines analytical skills with creative abilities that promote innovation and development in an ever-evolving industry.


Tom Greening

Tom Greening is our National Sales Manager at Quo Group, responsible for leading new business growth in our Go-to-Market.

With over seven years of successful experience serving the Australian national interest with global cyber and data security market leaders, Tom has seen the gamut of IT and cybersecurity from small businesses and startups, up to Australia’s largest enterprises, across many industries – such as healthcare, financial services, and other critical infrastructure. He’s seen what’s gone right (and what’s gone wrong), and uses this actionable intelligence to provide tailored solutions to each and every organisation he speaks with, no matter the size – after all, Australia’s critical data resides in many places, large and small.
Tom’s mission is to provide every organisation with peace of mind around their business’ continuity, security and resiliency – so they can focus on their core business, while Quo takes care of IT and cyber.


Tom Gaukroger

Tom is our Business Development Manager, responsible for ensuring Quo Group continues to meet the needs of our clients. He is committed to ensuring we operate efficiently and at a high standard. He is also focussed on developing corporate partnerships with like-minded and security-focussed organisations to ensure our clients are supported through all avenues of their business.

Tom has an extensive background in management in federal government, large enterprise and small business. He has experience in business, legal, finance and consulting, with a focus in the IT and Construction industries. He has run his own start-up company and is motivated by a client-centric mindset. He is committed to continuous improvement of processes whilst enabling our people to perform to the best of their abilities.


Eliza Pettit

Eliza is our Marketing Manager and is responsible for developing and implementing marketing and communications programs for our clients and the broader market. With a degree in Advertising and Marketing and a Masters in International Relations, she brings broad marketing experience to Quo Group having previously worked in the not-for-profit, government and Defence industries.

Eliza understands that marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a tool to engage, raise awareness and keep the conversation going. She has significant experience across marketing and brand development and implementation, event management, lead generation, public and supplier relations, strategic planning, and organisational design and innovation. Eliza’s greatest strengths are her creativity, ability to think outside the box, and to just get things done!


Rebecca White

Rebecca is our Business Accounts Manager. She works closely with our clients by nurturing key relationships, and becoming a strategic partner and advisor to clients and stakeholders.

Rebecca started out in the Construction industry as a Receptionist in 2017, where her responsibilities included coordinating the maintenance for large government entities and assisting in the finance department. In 2019 Rebecca was employed as an Administrative Assistant for Quo Group and not long after was promoted to Executive Assistant to the Director. As our Accounts Manager she is focused, consistent, punctual and reliable, and manages multiple tasks and priorities across our teams and clients simultaneously. Rebecca thrives in the fast-paced environment of IT, and has an uncanny ability to identify problems and apply effective forms of resolution before they become an issue.



Chip is an essential part of Quo Group’s team. Hardly ever missing a day of work, Chip takes his position supervising the office and greeting clients very seriously. Although he spends most of his day ensuring the nap quota has been filled, he always plays an active role in client and team meetings making sure everything stays on track.

Chip th dog


Sonny joined us in early 2023 as Chip’s intern but has now graduated to Junior Pawject Officer. Although a little mischievous at times, Sonny takes his role very seriously and Chip enjoys having someone to share his many office responsibilities with.