Code Black: A letter from a Hacker

… has often been an aspirational axiom, especially when it comes to cyber and IT security.

The complexities surrounding this field has led to an increase in both the frequency and costs of cyber-attacks as threat actors advance their tactics, and business owners try to keep up!
The Federal Government* has reported the number and cost of “extortion-related cyber security incidents” (think “Ransomware”) has been increasing year on year, costing small businesses $45,965 on average, and $87,203 for medium businesses.

From Quo Group’s over 18 years’ experience securing Medical data and IT systems, we know it can be difficult to understand what you’re getting from your current provider, and whether it’s fit for purpose or keeping your data safe.
In order to assist practice owners and practice managers, we’ve put together an unbranded questionnaire you can send to your IT provider to gain insight on the effectiveness of your current systems.